Equator Energy Corporation

Equator Energy Corporation

Equator Energy Corporation was conceptualized in 1996, when the founder, a Mechanical Engineer for the Philippine Army at the time, was introduced and inspired by the many benefits of renewable energy. After his retirement, in 2001, he designed, constructed, and operated Equator Oil Station, his very first venture in the energy sector.

With the success of Equator Oil Station as the first energy efficient gas station with 25% of its energy usage covered by solar power, he decided to pursue a bigger dream: to provide Filipinos with a cheaper and cleaner source of energy. With this objective in mind and determined to make it a reality, he established Equator Energy Corporation in November 2011, and the company is now setting a trail to become the Philippine’s largest solar and wind energy provider. Today EEC extends its services in Metro Manila covering 17 municipalities and is expanding its services to outlining areas.

Contact Info


2A Amber Place, #67 Bayani Road,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City,
Metro Manila

Contact #

+63 2 7109677
+63 2 8564311

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[email protected]




  1. sir good morning im interested to be one of your partner in zamboanga city covering the island provinces and i am also doing a lot of grassroot community base program that advocates green energy that promotes alternate source of energy…….

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