Philippine energy: Redefined

Science and technology certainly has been making brilliant feats and strides when it comes to innovations and daily-life conveniences. Day after day, people think of new and wondrous ways to harness and make use efficiently resources found in the environment, so as, to keep and cope up with the needs of the people along the trail of time.

Over the years, people, have constantly searched for ways to further improve the energy efficiency and its easy acquisition; and the right people have found the right solution: solar energy.

It is really quite simple to integrate solar energy in a local residential household. Installation only takes a few days, and can be done in accordance with a specific time table. And with solar energy, one can cut down on electrical costs as well by saving up to P10,000 annually. Solar panels, the source for solar energy, are very durable as well, and last for even decades with proper maintenance. And to top it all of – it’s very much environment-friendly!

Now, with given benefits come given trade-offs. The question may come down to this: is it really worth it to install solar energy and rely on it? The answer right here is if the trade-offs can be dealt with manageably. Solar energy, given its sophistication, also has its drawbacks. Solar panels, may be quite costly in its installation stages, including the maintenance needed to be done beforehand, such as the updating of wirings or changing of a roof. Solar energy, may also fault a bit, due to its intermittency. Since the sun, the main energy source, is not always available at certain times, such as in a shady or cloudy day, or at nighttime, it may not always be able to supply energy all the time.

On the other hand, looking at it at a long-term basis, it really pays of, as time passes by. For one, if a large portion of the Filipino community operates under solar energy, not only local residents shall benefit, but also the government in its attempts to preserve the resources of the nation. It is, after all, a win-win approach, wherein both the company and the local Filipino resident benefits.

In conclusion, the challenge in integrating something as widespread and complex as solar energy must be taken into account. Will we be able to see a vast majority of Filipino households living under such leisurely conditions, or will it only be made available to those willing to give in to such adjustments and conditions?

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