Solar Energy in Philippines

Philippines is one of the warmest countries in south-east Asia averaging in 38 degree-celcius  in a year.  Western people often calls it “the country where it is always sunny” because of the long exposure of the sun in the entire day. High volume of tourist visits in the Philippines is just one of the positive benefits of this kind of weather which contributes a lot to the growth of the country’s economy. Now let us dig deeper to find valuable and beneficial use of this which could impact our country economically.

ZAMCELCO, NAPOCOR and MERALCO are just some of the few energy providers here in the Philippines.  Nowadays 70-80% of Filipinos are subscribed in this energy companies which provides electricity to light their homes and run their appliances. Despite the economic trends and growth, there are still some provinces experiencing dark nights because of  two reasons, first is non-existence of energy providers and second is due to the remoteness of the area. Philippines has a lot of energy providers but not enough to light and provide electricity to all it’s cities and provinces. We do have energy providers but it costs us too much, we spend 10-20% of our household income  for  electricity bills. It could even get higher than that especially in Metro Manila, the largest energy provider subsequently increasing the cost of electricity per kilowatt an hour which is really a pinch in customer’s pockets.

The two major problems we are facing when it comes to energy:

  1. High cost of electricity due to subsequent increase.
  2. No electricity due to remoteness of the area.

Now, let us take a look at the solution side of the box. Modern technology is the main solution to this problems with the use of solar photovoltaic panels  and sunny weather advantage of our country. Owning your own solar pv panels is an investment that will benefit you in the long run, it will decrease the cost of your electricity bill for about 30-50% over time. Leaving you no worry of energy provider’s subsequent increase in electricity cost per kilowatt an hour. That is a one time investment for a  long term benefit. Remote cities and provinces will have access to electricity without a mile-long wires, electricity meters or any stuffs needed to be able to receive electricity services from energy providers because your energy provider will be in the comfort of your home.

Solar energy works in the Philippines because it is a solution! A solution for Filipinos wanting to decrease their electricity bills to save some money for the future. A solution for business firms and industries  to decrease the cost of energy consumption to earn higher returns. A solution for remote cities and provinces to worry no more of dark nights and communicational and informational inaccessibility . A solution for our environment to reduce air humidity and pollution. And a solution for our country to diminish high cost and consumption of natural gas, oil, liquid fuel and coal to achieve high growth and trend of our economy.

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