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solar street lighting systems, industrial solar power systems, residential solar power systems, solar garden lights, solar inverters, uninterruptible power systems, charge controllers, led lights, batteries

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  1. i am interested about solar panel, could you please send me the costing for installing solar panel for home with at least three thousand (3,000) watts output or enough to power four (4 $ 1 HP aircon units, two refs, 1 water pump, and several lighting fixtures

    hope to hear from you soon.

    thank you


    Dr Voi Flauta

  2. Good Morning!

    May I ask how much does 1 solar street light cost?
    Hope it’s not much to ask but do you have a cost breakdown list at least to have an idea of the expenses?
    Do you have a complete brochure of what electrical appliances solar power panels can cover?

    Thank you and God bless!

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