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Unit 1, Airportview Estate,
Carlos P Garcia Highway,
Buhangin, Davao City

Arnaiz St, Pio del Pila,
Makati City

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+63 822 351115
+63 923 4279843
+63 999 7055136

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  1. Looking for a small water pump set up for a fountain.
    Also, 2×250 watt panels with.install, and Switch, and timer ,
    avoid grid at night for small electric. HWSystem

    Am at Buhangin also


  2. Peace be with you:)
    Good morning, this is Francis Flores , a student of Saint Francis Xavier College seminary. We want to conduct an interview, due to an academic matter in our argumentation and debate class, about the side of solar energy. Thank you.

  3. Hi
    This is Sharie from DAVAO

    i need solar panel with 300w inverter and 50w battery to be complete sustem to run a house internet modem, pc, 1 led light.. Pls advice on the best cost and if they r any installments?

  4. I have to two (2) Requirements for Solar Power.
    1) Located in Koronadal City, South Cot. , – atleast 5kw of connected load and our concept will be a hybrid type, possible On-Grid type- How much will be the overall cost? can you send us your proposal?
    2) I need at least 250w to 300w of complete set solar power panel – we will use this as our temporary for lightings at the construction site, How will be the cost? Kindly send us the proposal?

  5. Hi, Need advice from someone in your company as I need solar pump and solar panels to pump water about 60 mt. up a hill and the distance is 160 mt.
    Please contact me by phone or email
    Phone: 63928-376-0144
    Thank you,
    John Rosticki

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